Lou Val - Lonely in Paradise

by Jimmy McInnis

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Who is he?

Lou Val is a singer/songwriter from Toronto, the R&B/Soul capital of the world. Coming from an area that boasts acts like Drake, the Weeknd, PARTYNEXTDOOR, Daniel Caesar, Majid Jordan, dvsn, and Charlotte Day Wilson, Lou Val has proven that he is cut from the same cloth. He is already beginning to make massive waves, with his music being featured on OVO Sound Radio as well as Soulection Radio. He’s found his own unique pocket of R&B; rather than chasing the trends of what is popular and turning into a Drake or Weeknd clone, he’s made the conscious choice to carve out his own space. It’s this artistry, when paired with his Toronto musical influences, that strikes a perfect sonic balance, making the music just as infectious and feel-good as it is timeless. Lou Val makes music for today, as well as tomorrow.

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My Take

“Solo, Dolo, For You.” From the first words you hear on this album, you know you’re listening to something completely different. This project prides itself on its ability to tap into what would normally be conflicting sounds and palettes. The instrumentals feature organs, guitars, uplifting drums, and light synths that craft an oasis-like paradise for a music bed. This is met with Lou’s tender, crooning vocals that radiate a certain pain and emotion that we can all relate to and understand. However, these two opposing forces blend rather than collide, swirling into a perfect combination that aptly fits the title Lonely in Paradise. It’s this duality that keeps the album cohesive, and keeps you coming back to listen time and time again. There aren’t too many albums that you’re able to listen to when you want to relax and unwind but also stay lost in your feels, but Lou Val masterfully pulls this off.

Favorite Tracks

“Not So Naive”- Lou Val comes in with attitude on this song, with lines like, “You wanna talk about me cause it feels good” and “fuck you and your friends cause they all whack,” eventually working himself up to the chorus where he emphatically asks “Why You So Mad?” Who knew frustration could sound so good?

“OC Goodbyes”- This song builds and tenses as it goes on, and as it approaches its climax, it releases with a cathartic euphoria that makes you keep hitting rewind again and again.

You can pre-order this limited edition vinyl pressing of Lonely in Paradise exclusively from VNYL.